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Jan. 2018

Keypro Led Decontamination

Phoseon Presents LED Technology at SLAS 2018 (English)

Visit Phoseon at Booth 1848 to learn more about LED solutions for life sciences applications — Phoseon will showcase the latest LED solutions for life sciences applications at the upcoming Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2018 conference and exhibit in San Diego, CA. more »
Fl400 Isometric

UV LED Technology on the Horizon for Wide Web Applications (English)

Laminating Adhesives, Coatings and Inks — UV LED curing technology presents numerous opportunities for wide web applications due to all of its inherent advantages. more »

Nov. 2017

UV Curing Applications Manufacturing

UV-LED Technology Improves Display Manufacturing Throughput (English)

Phoseon Technology’s UV LED Curing is Transforming How Screens are Made — Phoseon’s unique UV LED curing provides a consistent and reliable process to assemble touchscreen displays. more »
Fj240 75 216X255Px

FireJet™ Air-cooled UV LED Lamps Deliver Curing Performance Boost (English)

Phoseon™ Technology Increases Power and Performance of FireJet™ FJ100 and FireJet™ FJ240 by 50% — Phoseon Technology increases performance of the FireJet™ FJ100 at 365nm and the FireJet™ FJ240 LED curing solution by 50%. more »
Led Uv Bio Inactivation Process

Phoseon Presents LED Technology at ASCB | EMBO 2017 (English)

Attend the Phoseon Poster Presentation to learn more about LED solutions for bio-inactivation applications — Phoseon Presents LED Technology for bio-inactivation applications at the upcoming ASCB | EMBO 2017 event in Philadelphia, PA. more »
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